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Frequently Asked Questions
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How does GatherFollowers work?
Earn credits by following other users, promoting your blog through text messages or referring other tumblr users.
You can use those credits in order to get featured. Users get more credits through following featured blogs, therefore featured users get a lot more followers than standard users.
What if I change my blog name?
Currently you lose your credits if you change your blog name.
Can I get featured through credits without falling from the top weekly user ranking?
Yes, buying feature-time through credits does not influence the amount of credits earned in the current week.
I did not get any credits for referring another blog.
Please notice that you only get credits if the referred blog hasn't logged in to Gatherfollowers yet and is not using the same computer or network as you are.
I cannot connect to tumblr to secure my account.
Try to delete your cache and/or restart your browser.
Try again later or shoot us an email with your blogname, an md5-hashed password (generate a md5-hashed password here) and the link to a blog post on this blog which says "Please connect GatherFollowers to Tumblr". We do need the link to a blog post so we can verify that this is actually your blog. We then inform you upon completion per email.
I changed my blog avatar on tumblr but it did not affect my avatar on GatherFollowers.
Your avatar on GatherFollowers gets updated once every day (on login), so it may take 24 hours to affect the changes.

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